Friday, May 16, 2008

Do da do...

Well, once again, sorry I haven't posted in forever. :o) I guess I'm one of those lamo people who are slowly killing the blog world huh? :o)

Well, things are going good with wedding planning. Busy, but good. I'm getting things accomplished, and as long as that's happening, I'm happy. :o) As soon, as I slow down, and I'm not doing anything, I start freaking out, and we can't have any of that now can we? Really, I am trying not to be a bridezilla. :o) I think I'm doing ok so far, but you'd have to ask my family, and friends involved in all of it. :o)

So, I know I said that I would post more Anchorage pictures, but before I can even do that, another Anchorage trip is going to be made (this afternoon) so there will be even more pictures to post. We'll see if I ever get caught up. :o) Anyways, Lanae` and I are heading out to Anchorage this afternoon to go pick up the Bridesmaid dresses that came in this past week, and my dress (YAY!). Then we're going to do a little shopping and hanging out, having fun. We're really excited. :o) We're taking Taylor with us, because mom and dad and Chris and Lauren went down to Ninilchik for the weekend, to work on the boat and stuff, and they thought it would be too difficult with Taylor there. Anyways, she's coming with us. We're really excited about that too. I love spending time with my niece. :o)

Hmm, ok what else is new with me? Oh, I got a new camera the other day! I'm really excited about it, although it is a little intimidating, because there are so many things you can do with it. I'm sure once I figure some things out, it'll be fine. It just better take some amazing pictures for the price I paid for it. :o) I mainly wanted it so I could get really good pictures while Mike and I are in Hawaii on our Honeymoon. So, I guess you guys have those to look forward to at some point in time. :o)

Anyways, I should probably go. Hope this post was substantial enough for those out there who have been missing my posts (not sure how many there are though). :o) Love you all, talk to you later. :o)