Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So, um not much to say here. Just updating, per request of some of my adoring fans. *ahem* I mean, some of my annoyed friends. ;o)

I've just been busy around the house and stuff, getting things ready for our trip. I cleaned the upstairs area of our house like crazy last night. I was a cleanin madwoman, I tell you what. :o) It feels good to have everything clean up there though. And before we leave I'll be getting the downstairs cleaned. Charlie and Evie will be staying at my mom and dad's house while we're gone. Lucas will take care of them, being the good little brother he is and all. ;o) hmm, what else did I do last night? Oh, I put some pictures on a flash drive for Lanae`, to take over there to her. Haha, they're some goofy group pictures we took a while back. Here's a little sampling of that:

Yeah, we're dorks, we know, but that doesn't really bother us. :o)

Other than that I haven't been doing a whole lot. I'll be making my packing list soon. :o) Oh how I love making packing lists. :o) You see, I'm all about lists. The one thing in life that helps me to feel organized is a list. Of any kind really. And packing lists, well, they're just exciting, don't you think? I mean, a packing list implies that you are going somewhere, and usually that somewhere is exciting. Yeah, you can call me a freak if you want, I really don't care. :o)

Alright, well there's my update. :o) Hope you guys are having a great week so far! :o)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's HOT!

Haha, I figured I would inform all of you out of staters that the Internet is now showing that it is 39* in Fairbanks, and the Time and Temperature line in North Pole is saying that it's 28*. Yes, ABOVE zero. :o) Kinda crazy that we've done an 80* turnaround in 2 days.

I'm wanting to go snowboarding real bad now. Not to complain about the weather in the least bit, but I hope it doesn't melt all the snow! :o) This winter surely isn't over, and it just wouldn't be a good deal. :o)

Alright, well I figured you would all get a kick out of the fact that just a couple days ago, I was moping about the cold, and now it's nearly 40*. :o)

Hope you're all having a great afternoon. Love you. :o)


So, I'm being bugged to post. There's just not a whole lot going on with me right now, so I don't have a lot to post about. :o)
So, I have decided to post the pictures of the flowers that my mommy got me for my birthday back in October. I said I was going to post them "later" because there were a lot, and I didn't feel like going through them at the time. Anyways, I'm sure you all have forgotten that I said I would post them "later", but whatever. :o)

Anyways, there you go. :o)
Things with us are going pretty good. There was some severe air leakage, around our door that leads to the back porch, so since we don't actually use that door, Mike decided to put spray foam in all the cracks. So, the door is spray foamed shut. Then, he put that plastic shrink wrap stuff over it. The combination of the two helped a lot, and our floor is no longer freezing. We're working on replacing the whole thing, as part of an energy rebate program, but we'll see how that works out. I should probably buy some curtains or something though, because the door and the windows on either side of it look terrible, what with the foam seeping out of every crack and all. :o) It's quite comical if you ask me. :o)
It's such a blessing to not have to deal with that wretched cold weather anymore. I don't know about you guys, but it was a brutal 3 weeks, regardless of the fact that we're getting out of here soon.
Anyways, I think this is a sufficient enough post, so I'm gonna go. :o) Hmm, I guess I should work on getting you that picture of my new fabulous Burton coat next, huh? :o) Yeah, we'll see. Hope you all are having a fabulous day. :o)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tired. Cold.

Bleh. I've had enough of this weather. It's ridiculous. I mean really? Nearly -50* for several days in a row? And at least -40* for the past week, plus a couple days? You've got to be kidding, right? Ah, no. We're not kidding. It really is that cold. And it's ridiculous. They're saying that it might warm up to -26* by Friday. Oh the joy. :o) I'm needing summer something fierce. I don't know about the rest of y'all, but that's how I feel. Luckily, in 2 weeks, and 6 days (what? no, I am not counting) we will be packing our bags and heading to Hawaii to visit the Clarks. I have to tell you, I am beyond excited. Not seeing 2 of your best friends in over 3 months is just a tad ridiculous. Of course I won't be minding the sun and the sand either. :o) Don't worry I'll get some pictures for you. Just maybe not as much as from the honey moon. That's not to say that I won't take as many pictures, I just won't post as many. Maybe.

Anyways, I'm rambling. That's because I'm tired. Ridiculously tired, and I don't know why. I think I'm going to blame it on the weather though. And I haven't been sleeping well, which is weird for me, because if there's anything this girl knows how to do, it's sleep. Goodness. I woke myself up last night laughing at something. Apparently talking/laughing in my sleep are regular occurrences. I think Mike and I were actually having conversations last night, although I couldn't tell you what they were about. It was probably me rambling in my sleep, and him, actually being awake, telling me to be quiet or something. :o)

We went out to my parents house last night. My grandpa (Dad's dad) is in town until Friday, from Texas (uh, yeah. Awesome time to bring a Texan up to the frigid North.). So we went and hung out with him last night. It was a pretty good time. I haven't seen him in several years, so it was good to visit for a while. They were down in Ninilchik for a few days, and got into town Sunday night. I guess the first night they were in Ninilchik, after Grandad flew into Anchorage, on Wednesday, there was a road kill, so Grandad got to go out with Dad and Ron and really experience Alaska. :o) I think he's having a good time so far, and he's the only relative of ours brave enough to come in the winter. :o) Anyways, most of you should be meeting him at church tomorrow, unless it gets cancelled again, on account of the stinky weather.

Alright, I hope you all are having a good day, and staying warm, wherever you are (*ahem* except for you, Tori and Lanae`. I don't want to hear how warm you are.). :o)