Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Three Year Old's Pregnancy

I was approximately 3 years old when my mom became pregnant with that *angel* baby brother of mine. I was SO excited, and insisted that I too was pregnant. Mom dropped me off at daycare one day, and there was a new gal working there who wasn't really on the up-and-up with my pregnancy and all. When I got there that day, I stretched my belly out, rubbing it saying, "ooooh, my baby is growin!" and the silly daycare lady says, "Oh honey, you're not pregnant! Your mommy is!" I proceeded to burst into tears. I mean, how could she possibly say that? Of course I was pregnant! I had a baby in my belly and I was just like Mama. Apparently mom was still there when this happened, and told the lady, "We're playing her game. Let her baby grow!" so from then on, the new daycare lady, whoever she was, agreed with me that I was pregnant. :o)

I loved being pregnant. I would walk around, poking my little 3 year old belly out, rubbing it, talking about my baby that was growing in there. Mom was constantly amused by my antics. In fact, I was so convinced that I was pregnant that I got morning sickness one day. I'm dead serious. Naturally, I don't remember all of this, but mom does. :o)

I was at home eating oatmeal with mom one morning, and I said to her, "Mama I just can't eat!" And she says, "Of course you can! Now finish your oatmeal." And I replied with, "No, I can't! My baby is making me soooo sick!" And then I proceeded to puke everywhere. Apparently mom died laughing and called her mom to share. And apparently I was fine the rest of the day. ;o)

My pregnancy abruptly ended one day when I was "washing" the baby in Mama's tummy. Mom couldn't go anywhere or do anything without me tagging along, following her everywhere. So when she was nearing the very end of her pregnancy one day, and feeling very tired and sore, she decided to take a really hot bath. Whenever she would take baths, I would always be in there with her, sitting on the side of the tub, washing her belly. I loved taking care of "baby". And this day was no different. Since the bath water was so hot, Lucas was squinched up in a tight ball in the middle of mom's belly, trying to get away from the heat. Well, I picked up a small cup out of the tub, and poured the water right over her belly. Lucas did a full somersault on the spot. Mom's whole stomach lurched and rolled. My eyes got huge, and I looked at Mama, and told her, "I'm not pregnant anymore. I gave my baby to you." And walked out of the bathroom. No more baby in my belly! ;o)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Look How The Belly Grows

Alright, a MILLION pictures later, and I have a belly shot that I'm half way satisfied with. It's ridiculous how hard it can be to take a silly picture of yourself. Goodness. Maybe I'm just picky. ;o) At any rate, I'm 18 weeks today, and my baby can now hear and recognize my voice, and sometimes might be stimulated by it. I talked to it for a minute earlier (and felt pretty silly, even though I was alone) and about 30 seconds later felt it moving! Haha, it was too cool. Oh yeah, that's another thing. I've been feeling movement since about the 17th of August. Really neat. :o) Alright, I've got some other things I need to be doing, so here you go. Sorry I haven't posted in so long. Life has been a little hectic. Soon to come: pictures of our trip and posting about our progress on converting our spare room from our "Catch All Junk Room" to "Baby Room". :o)

Hope you all had a great labor day weekend, and a great week so far! :o)