Friday, October 30, 2009

My Pumpkins

A couple weeks ago I bought some white craft pumpkins on sale at Michael's, so I could paint them for fall decorations. I cut out stencils from pictures I had printed off from the internet, and painted away. And here is the result. :o) I love them!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Video #7

Alright, last one. :o) This one he's got the tip of his thumb in his mouth again. :o) Thanks for looking at my videos, and letting me share this with you! 103 days til due date. In 4 days I'll be in double digits! Wow! Haha, hope you're all having a good day! :o)

Video #6

He's making sucking motions with his mouth in this one. See his little chin and lips moving? Aww... I'm so glad I have these videos. Melt my heart! :o)

Video #5

Just his little face. :o) And him being wiggly again. ;o) You can see his lips pretty good in this one! I love that! :o)

Video #4

This one he's just being wiggly. ;o) The kid wouldn't sit still for anything. Which is fun to watch, but makes it hard to get pictures. Oh well! :o)

Video #3

This one he's just hanging out. See his hand up by his face? He's sucking his thumb! :o) You can see right at the end his chin kinda jerk, that's a sucking motion. :o) SO cool. Oh, and you see the long thing up by the top? that's part of his LEG! He had his legs completely stretched out above his head! Haha, crazy little gymnastics kid. ;o)

Video #2

This one shows his belly first, it's on the right. Then his face comes in, he's kinda looking at you. Then it goes into a profile of his face. :o)

(oh, and all these videos except the very last one are in 2D format).

3D Ultrasound

SO, remember how in my last post I SAID that our 3D ultrasound was on the 1st of December? Well... a guy that Mike knows called him yesterday and said that there was a new place opening in town that was going to be doing them, but they weren't fully established yet, so they were doing them for free! So I called, and the lady said that they were doing them for free through the end of the week. So I made an appointment for today! It was so cool! I love getting ultrasounds done, and being able to see my little man! Oh yeah, haha this kid is definitely a boy! ;o) Anyways, here are the pictures and some videos. I've never posted videos on here before, so I'm hoping they turn out alright. But they take forever to load, so I'm going to see if putting each video in it's own post will help. So there might be several posts with short little videos, just bear with me and enjoy! I sure did! :o) He has my nose! Haha, I cannot wait to meet this kid... :-D

These first few are in 2D. This is his face, in case you couldn't tell. :o)

This one is 3D. He had his hands in his face the WHOLE time, so it was hard for her to get a clear shot of his face. He's got chubby little cheeks. ;o)

Another profile of his face. I don't like this one as much, cuz it makes his nose look weird. But it's computer technology, so it's not perfect! :o)

Here's one of his face without the hands in it. It's a little blurry, but cool none the less. :o)

Haha, this one BOTH of his hands are in his face, so it's even harder to see, but I think it's adorable. :o)

Awwwww... I like this one a lot. My little man... :o)

And with the arms again. ;o)

Ok, so here's the first video. Umm... basically you're lookin at his little bum and the bottom of his thighs. This video just shows that he's a boy. ;o)
Ok, gonna see if I can get the rest of these loaded. Hope you enjoy them!
He woke me up with hiccups this morning. ;o) And now he's got them again for the 3rd time today! Too funny. :o)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Catching Up...

Hmm, I haven't posted in a while. So I figured I'd get on it. ;o)

You all already know, but I'll put it on here anyways... baby is looking like a boy. :o) I'm getting very excited about it, and cannot wait to meet my little man. I turned 25 weeks today, so roundabouts 15 more to go. Time is flying by. It's going to be here in no time at all. :o) I got pictures from the ultrasound last Wednesday, but none of them were very good, so I really don't feel they're worth sharing. I think my Dr. is going to take a little peek again at my next appointment just to make sure it's still a boy, so maybe I'll get some better ones then. ;o) But if not, my sweet hubby came up with the awesome idea to go get a 3D ultrasound done! I'm so excited to get another chance to see my little man, and maybe see what some of his features are. :o) So, we will get pictures and a DVD from that appointment, so I'll be sure to post those. :o) It's on December 1st, when I turn 30 weeks. Which is only 5 weeks away. And then I'll be in the single digit count-down! Yikes!!! :o)

So I think I'll post some pictures of when we went to Ninilchik before we went to Nebraska. We went down over a weekend to hang out with my parents, and had a really good time. I really enjoyed it. :o)

My amazing hubby. :o) This was on the way down, where you pull off to go up to the Princess Hotel. It was SO foggy out. But we had fun being dorks. ;o)

The fireweed. :o) This was the tallest fireweed I have ever seen! It was taller than me!

Crystal, Tim and Annette Chace were there over the weekend as well, and I watched Crystal's girls so that she could go out on the halibut boat with Dad and her parents to catch some fish without having to worry about little ones being out on the big water. We had fun, but they were a handful! ;o)

Sisters. :o)

Ellie was fascinated by the pig. She wanted to stay over there all day but it stunk. ;o)

Annabelle playing with a dandelion. She's so cute. :o)

Ellie and her dandelion. She had fun blowing all the little fuzzies off.

Mike and Dad's friend Fred's son, Trenton with their fish. They look happy huh? ;o)

Mike and my dad... being a dork. ;o)

There's a happy one! :o)

Down at Happy Valley. My favorite place in Ninilchik. I have to go every time I'm there.

Mom, in all the millions of times she's been to Ninilchik has never been to Happy Valley (i know, *gasp!*) so I forced her to come with me, instead of staying at the camper and working on chores, which is all she EVER does when she gets left behind because the fishing boat is too full. I told her she needed to take a break and do something fun! So, we went. It was rainy and yucky out, but we had a great time walking the beach, talking about all kinds of things and looking for cool rocks and shells. :o)

The beach, and the waterfall. Love it. :o)

Me and my mommy. :o) We were being dorks, and I was cracking her up. I think she really enjoyed the time we spent together. As did I. :o)

Pretty flowers...

I tried to get her to be a dork, but she wouldn't do it. She just had to stay all cute. ;o)

I REALLY wish I had a macro lense. This would have been even cooler if I was able to get closer on it. You should click on it to see it full size though. The drop of water is neat. :o)

We drove my poor little car down the tiny little super bumpy, tree-covered road. I think I only bottomed out once. ;o)

Later in the day, all the guys came back from fishing, and wanted to go to Happy Valley as well. Seeing as I love the place so much, I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to go, and I missed my hubby while he was gone. :o) So back I went.

A little run down shack of some sort on the hike out to the falls.

Dad's high school best friend from Texas, Robert, and Lucas at the top of the waterfall.

So pretty, even amidst the fog and rain. :o)

Mike and Tyler decided that they needed to conquer the rock. ;o)

the tide was SO far out. It was crazy. I had never seen it like that before.

I totally forgot that I had taken these until I was going through my Ninilchik pictures just now trying to figure out which ones to post. I hadn't even seen them on my computer until now. Isn't it gorgeous?!? The fireweed was out in full force all along the highway on the way home. I couldn't get enough of it. The hillsides were just painted purple, and it was awesome. See how GREEN those mountains are??? Wow. It took my breath away. No better place to be stopped for construction if you ask me. :o)

Well there you go, I posted. ;o) And it wasn't JUST about pregnancy, or babies. ;o) Hope you all are having a fabulous week.