Thursday, February 14, 2008

This Day

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! :o)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Hey everyone. A girl that I work with is signed up for the wedding day giveaway on KTVF, and she's made it to the top three. It's up to the public to vote who will win, and over the weekend, they dropped down way far to last place. Please vote for them, so they will win!

Just click on Shantell and Clint, in the voting box. you have until tomorrow to vote, and you can vote more than once. Thanks!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Texas Pictures...Finally. :o)

On our way to go Wedding dress shopping, we got a flat.

Luckily we broke down in front of a Chevy dealership, so the guys in there were nice enough to help us, even though we were driving a ford. :o)

And finally the Glamorous Girls make it to David's Bridal!

oops...forgot to rotate it. Sorry.

Hunter. These pictures were of his last night at home. He flew out back to Georgia the next morning to start his Airborne training for the army.

Ahhh...cousins are the greatest. :o)

This is the almost the only picture I have of Tanner from my trip. I think I have one other one. Sad. :o( I love Tanner. :o)

Hunter again.

Hunter in his Bronco, making his signature face. :o)

Awww...and here we are at the airport the next morning. It was so sad. We all (me, kaylee, hunter, and my uncle Kenny) cried. We even had the ticket lady at the beginning of security crying.

We were trying to look happy, but it wasn't workin' too well.

Kaylee and I. We were in Oklahoma here. It was later in the same day that we took Hunter to the airport.

No, I'm really not on crack. I promise. :o)

Skyla and Desire`e's little toy poodle. He was pretty cute. :o)

Kaylee and I with the horse, Strawberry, in Oklahoma, at my grandparent's house.

Grandpa, he didn't want Maw-Maw taking a picture of him. They're so funny to watch. :o)

Maw-Maw taking a picture of grandpa.

Grandpa again.

Kaylee and I

Me and Kaylee

Look I'm on the phone! Hmmm.....guess with who? :o)

Yeah, we used a map to get from Oklahoma to Texas. It's pretty much a straight shot though.

The classic Road Trip Junk in the backseat. :o)
We sat the camera on the dash. So, in these next few...well, we were just being dorks. There's not much else you can say. :o)

Ummm...I uh....spit my gum out the window, and when I rolled it back up I my hair stuck in it. Yup, I'm retarded. It was funny though. :o)
The Oklahoma-Texas state line. I love this place. I stop at it every time I cross the border.
We thought the Dog was funny. :o)

Me on the Texas statue thing, whatever it's called
Kaylee and I (surprise, surprise)
Yep, I sat on the star...

...and then slid down it. :o) It was fun.

Me and my great grandma, in Anna, TX.
Ok, wow that was a lot of pictures, but there you have it. :o) I actually had 209 pictures total, so really, this wasn't that much. :o) Hope you guys enjoy. I should be posting some Anchorage pictures soon. Talk to y'all later. :o)

Friday, February 8, 2008


Ok, well I was going to post some more pictures of my Texas tip, but my computer's being stupid, so I guess I can't right now. :o) I'll try again later. Hope you all are having a MARVELOUS day, in this horrid weather. Bye! :o)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Here are some pictures from our trip. Trust me, there are TONS more. These are just the ones off of Tori's camera. I'll get the rest to you when I get them. :o)

Lauren. :o)

The Beautiful Lanae`

Tori with her neice Lanie. So cute. Poor baby was sick though (Lanie not Tori.) :o)

Ok, I know what the little girls' name is, I just don't know how to spell it so here it goes. Samara? Hope I didn't COMPLETELY butcher it. :o) We were at Tanya's (Tori and Lanae`'s sister-in-law) house.

Lanae` and I

Tori and Lanae`'s cousin, Maria. Isn't her hair GEORGOUS?!?!? I thought so anyways. :o)