Thursday, July 31, 2008


So, I guess I'm on a roll today as far as posting goes. :o)

So Monday night, Mike calls me, telling me he has to run by Wal-Mart before he comes home, and being the sweet husband that he is, asks me if I need anything. So, I think for a minute, and start rattling off a list. It went something like this: Umm...Well, I could use some new hair scrunchies, a shirt would be nice, Oh! I need some new eyeliner, I'm almost out, something chocolate would be good...umm, that's all I can think of for now. After I rambled on for a few seconds about all these things I really didn't need, I laughed a little, and said, "No, dear. I don't need anything. thanks though. See you when you get home." So that was the end of that. Or so I thought. When he did get home, I was rummaging in the cabinets, trying to figure out what to make for dinner, and he came up be hind me. when I turned around, we were talking, so I didn't really pay attention to the bag he was holding, until he opened it up for me to see. He had bought me a beautiful potted flower. I don't know what they're called, but I love it. :o) He also bought me a bag of Hershey's Bliss chocolates, which I would venture to say are just as good as Dove. :o) Anyways, here are pictures of the flowers. :o)

More Birthday

Well, I forgot to buy candles on Saturday when we did Mike's birthday, and it was driving me nuts that we didn't sing, and he didn't get to blow out candles. So, on his actual birthday, I went to the store, and bought a chocolate cake mix, and white icing that has that fun fetti stuff in it or whatever, and candles, and went home and baked him a cake. :o) However, I didn't have anything to spray the pan with, so I used olive oil. It didn't work. The cake stuck, and fell apart. Well, I managed to get it iced anyways, although it wasn't pretty. It sure was tasty though, so I guess it didn't matter in the end. :o) Josh and Ang were over for dinner, because Ang and I went shopping for food for our little overnight camping trip this weekend. So, once again, they helped us celebrate Mike's birthday. :o) Here are a few pictures.

Poor cake. :o)

we were singing. (hence the funny look on Josh's face)

He was proud of himself that he blew out ALL the candles at once. :o)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 4: Wednesday

Yeah, I know. You're all about to fall over in the floor, but here you have it: Day 4. :o)

On Wednesday, we went to the Aloha Stadium, and shopped. We didn't get any pictures of that though. It's not quite as big of a deal as I remember it being when I was 11. :o) Of course, that might have been because SOMEONE *ahem* doesn't like shopping, and wouldn't hardly let me browse at all. :o) Anyways, we didn't stay at the Aloha Stadium long. It was really, really hot. We did get a coconut to drink out of though. Should have gotten a picture of that too, but alas, I didn't. Oh well. :o)

After we went to the Aloha Stadium, we went to Pearl Harbor, since it was right down the road from the Stadium. There was a 2 hour wait to go on the boat out to the memorial. They give you a little ticket, with a number on it, which splits everyone up into groups, as they come in (we were in group 19). Anyways, at first we weren't going to wait, we didn't really think it was a big deal. But somewhere along the way we just decided to stay. I'm glad we did. These first pictures are of when we were wandering around waiting for our group's turn.

The white thing out in the water is the USS Arizona Memorial

These are some Pearl Harbor Survivors

A model of the Memorial. The glass represents the water, and it shows you how much of the Arizona is under water, and what it looks like.

Ok, sorry, but I'm not sure what this is (I mean, obviously it's a ship, I just don't know what it's called). It just looked cool. :o)

Each of these blocks represents a vessel that was hit during Pearl Harbor. On each block is a list of names. A list of people who died on each vessel. They go all the way around the flag in the picture above.

We thought this was funny. :o)

this is a submarine called the USS Bowfin. It did some pretty amazing stuff, and never had a fatality. All of her men, that ever served on it, came home safe.

You had to pay to get on it, so we settled for just looking at it. :o)

We're not exactly sure what this thing was.

I couldn't resist the plumerias. :o)

You could actually see out of this periscope. It went up, out of the roof, and you could look out over the water and see the Memorial and everything. It was pretty cool.

A Japanese man-driven torpedo. This thing was HUGE.

We got so hot, so we found a shady place to sit and wait out the rest of our time. It felt sooo good. We layed down and took a nap for a little while too. :o)

Before you go out to the Memorial, they take you into a theater, where you watch a video about Pearl Harbor. I think this is a really good idea, because it puts you in the right mindset, for visiting the memorial. It kind of sobers you up, instead of being like, "Oh, I'm some dumb tourist here to have a great time, and I'm going to go see a sunken ship!" Anyways, it was good. Really sad video.

Here is the memorial.

This shows what the ship used to look like, and what it is now.

All of the names of all of the men that died.

there was a viewing hole in the far end of the memorial, to look down into the water.

The entrance of the memorial

this shows the routes that the Japs took, in their attack on Pearl Harbor, and 3 other military bases on the island.

I'm really glad we went to Pearl Harbor. It was definitely worth the wait to go out to the Memorial. It was a really good experience.

After we got done at Pearl Harbor, we drove out to Ko Olina. It's this super nice part of the Island where all the ritzy people live. It was SO pretty. You don't realize how dirty and busy the city is, until you go out to Ko Olina. I loved it there. It was so much more relaxed than Waikiki.

One of the big resorts out there.

Some ducks, just chillin. :o)

this was a man-made lagoon. It was perfect for going swimming, because the waves were still there, but they weren't big at all. It was more of a peaceful rocking sort of thing. It was nice. :o)

These are the awesome flip-flops that Lanae` bought me.

Plumerias, imagine that. :o) I was obsessed with them. They smell SO amazing.
Ok, so the weird parking lot attendant who could barely speak a word of English took this for us. It was a bit of a weird encounter. :o)

Well, there you have it. Day 4. :o) Hope you enjoyed.