Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas Cakes

Just wanted to post pictures of the little cakes I made for the families at church for Christmas this year. They took forever, but I'm really pleased with how they turned out! :o) The cake itself is pound cake, brushed in simple syrup. They're cut into 3 layers, and filled and iced with a Mocha Buttercream Frosting. Then I made little sheets of chocolate and wrapped them around the cakes, and also put them on the top. Then added more buttercream frosting to cover up the chocolate seams and make everything all pretty. :o) They were really small, not quite as big as a cupcake. Anyways, here they are. :o)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Birthday Party!

Well, they're almost 3 months late, but I thought I'd post the pictures from my surprise birthday party that my hubby and Michelle threw for me. :o) They were so sweet and I was really surprised! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing husband, and great friends. I don't deserve them in any way, shape or form, and am extremely thankful for them every day. God has really blessed me, and I am in awe.

The super cute cake that my awesome mom made for me. :o)

My Michelle. :o) I don't know where I would be without her. She's been such a great friend to me lately, and I am beyond thankful for her. I love you girl!!! :o)

Emily and Joyka
Love of my life, my Prince Charming, my soul mate, my Everything. No one in this world I would rather have. Love him. :o)
Emily. Man I love this girl. Another person I don't know what I would do without. :o)
Let's eat cake! (it tasted even better than it looked!!!)

The card was singing. :o) And these are my 21 balloons that Elmer and Joyka brought. So fun! :o)
Everyone was playing the Wii, but this is the closest thing we got to a picture of that.
Showin off the belly. I think I was around 24 weeks here. :o)
Mara was also at the party, but she's the one who took all of these pictures, so we didn't get any of her. :o( Thanks Mara!!! :o)

34 Week Belly Shot

Well, I turned 36 weeks today, so it's a good time to post my 34 week belly shot right? ;o) yeah, I really do need to get on it a little better. I didn't take my picture today. But that was cuz I was being a total bum since I kind of over-did it yesterday. :o) So, since I should look half way decent for my Dr.'s appointment tomorrow, I'll try to take one then. :o)

But for now, here's this horrid picture of me, 2 weeks ago. The lighting in the hallway where I've been taking them is terrible. NO natural light whatsoever. I really should figure out something different. Ya know, now that I'm almost done being pregnant. ;o) anyways, here it is. :o)