Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today is an amazing woman's birthday. Her name is Jennifer, and as her sister-in-law, Angela likes to call her, she's a "super mom". I have always looked up to her as a Godly woman. She is a very positive influence to me. It amazes me how she keeps up with all those little ones, and just keeps on going. She truly relies on the Lord for her strength, and that shows! I love her, and she deserves some recognition on this day, her birthday. Happy Birthday Jenn!!! :o)

And lets not forget, A happy early birthday to Josh tomorrow. :o)

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So, my baby sitting kids came over last Friday and spent the night with us. We all had a lot of fun. It's been a while since I've spent time with them, and I missed them a lot. Here are the pictures. :o)

Alton helping Mike work on the truck. :o)

The little monsters sitting on my feet clinging to my legs. Have you ever tried to do that whole walking thing with two small children sitting on your feet?!?!? It's HARD!!! :o)

They're so silly.

Dog-piling mike. :o) They were having great fun with this.

Saturday at the park. It was such a beautiful day out. :o)

Charlie played too. :o)

Yes, that's my husband going down the slide. A kid at heart. :o)

all 4 of us piled in the tube. there were a lot of "OW!"'s going on in the process of this. :o)


The kids had a blast making Mike push them on the swings, giving them under-dogs and what-not. :o) It was cute.

I love this picture. :o)

Hanna...she's getting so big. Turning into a little woman already. :o)

then the baby...Ava...she's already 5! my how the time does fly.

Alton was having fun telling me to "take pictures of me jumping, while I'm in the air Shocka!" 100% boy, that's for sure. :o) He's like a little man now.

Walking home.

Alton brought over this thing that you use batteries and hook them up to stuff and make noises, and all of that kind of boy stuff. They had a lot of fun with this. :o)

Well, that was our weekend. :o) We had a lot of fun. I sure did enjoy spending time with my kiddos. They're growing up so fast, and they're not even mine! Goodness. :o) Anyways, hope you ALL are doing FABULOUS. ;o) Have a GREAT day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No Divisions

The post that I wrote in agreement with a post that Angela wrote was not meant to hurt anyone, or cause problems of any sort, I am sorry if it came across that way.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 5: Thursday

So, on Thursday, we went out to Kualoa Ranch. It's this beautiful Valley, where they have filmed a lot of scenes from various movies, and TV shows. We did an hour long ATV ride through the park, and stopped at a few places along the way. It was a really neat experience. :o)

The Mountains on the outside of the valley. These are seen in Jurassic park.

Overlooking the ocean on one of our stops.

This was an actual Worl War II Bunker that they used in the war. This was a scene from the Movie Pearl Harbor as well.

They took us inside the bunker, where they had posters up of all the movies/TV shows that have been filmed there.

The making of the foot print from Godzilla. The foot print is still there. It was originally 10 feet deep, but they have cows on the ranch, and they kept falling in the hole, so they had to fill it in to 2 feet deep instead. :o)

This was just a model of the valley.
The 4-wheelers. Mike was all bummed because they were governed at like 20 mph. :o) they were really strict though. If you stepped one foot out of line on the tour, they kicked you off, and you didn't get your money back or anything. It's a good thing though.
The "famous" tree in Jurassic Park, that the people were crouching behind when the T-Rex came out of the trees.

The Valley. this is where the Japanese planes flew through when Pearl harbor was attacked. When they filmed Pearl Harbor, they filmed it in this same location, and used real planes. The lady who gave us our tour was there when they were filming, and she said it was crazy there.

This is where they filmed part of Lost. It's Hurley's golf Course, if anyone actually knows what that means. I didn't. Haha. :o)

These mountain formations were supposed to look like Kissing Gorillas. If you look closely you can see it. :o)
One of the Godzilla footprints.

Plumerias. :o)

This is what they call China Man's Hat. It's just this big rock off shore, out by Kualoa Ranch.
Yes, that's my husband. Climbing a tree. :o)

This is at a Macadamia Nut Farm that we found somewhere along the way.

An old macadamia nut processor.

We were supposed to go eat at the Crouching Lion Inn, and my parents were going to pay for dinner for us, but when we got there, it was closed for remodeling, so we ended up driving around. We found this GREAT beach though. It was a perfect spot for swimming. The waves were very minimal, and it wasn't very deep. We had a good time here. I loved it. :o)

This is at Bread of Life Bakery, which the Clarks reccomended to us. It was wonderful. This lady makes some awesome bread, sandwiches, soup. My goodness. It was SO good. And she was SUPER nice. It's no wonder Mrs. Clark loves her so much! :o)

Well, there you have it: Day 5. sorry it took so long!!!! :o) Hope it was worth the wait though. Hope you all are having a great day! :o)