Sunday, April 24, 2011


We had a wonderful Easter today, my heart overflowing with love and gratitude for our amazing Savior. So thankful he rose from the grave. Without it, his death would be meaningless and we would yet be without hope!

We got a few family pictures while we were at church today, and then I got some of Logan at Nanny and Papa’s, opening his “Spring Basket”. I love the traditions for little kids that are typically associated with Easter, but I want my children growing up knowing the true meaning of this holiday, and to not be focusing on the fun, candy, gifts, etc. that often come along with it. So what we’ve decided to do, is to continue the traditional Easter celebrations, but instead of using them to celebrate Easter, we will use them to celebrate Spring. Anyone who lives in Alaska knows that Spring is certainly something to be celebrated. ;o) I can’t wait until next Spring when we can do an egg hunt with him and everything. I’m so glad that we have found a way (a lot of Christian families do this modified form of celebrating. Haha I don’t take credit for coming up with this on my own) to still incorporate these fun things into our children’s lives. I always loved doing egg hunts and such. :o)

Anyways, picture time!


Logan thought he was being SO funny and kept lifting up his shirt, showing off his belly during pictures. Haha, apparently he takes family pictures as seriously as his daddy. ;o)


Logan loved his “Spring Eggs” :o)


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rebekah said...

Those are great pictures of you guys. Just wait till you have a few more kids and none of them think family pictures are necessary!!! It takes alot of energy just to corral them all to start taking pictures and then you have to get them all to look at the camera. Smiling becomes optional. : )