Friday, June 24, 2011

Love That Shot - Home Sweet Home Photo Entry

Alright, my last photo entry for this week for this giveaway! :o) Today's photo challenge was "Home Sweet Home". I'm still in love with my most recent home project, my curtains to hide clutter in my bedroom, so I'm sharing one of those photos again.

And by the way, my bedroom has STAYED CLEAN since completing this project! It has getten a little messy here and there with dirty clothes or what-not, but nowhere near the atrocity that it was when I did the initial clean up. AND, I have also made my bed almost every single day as well. Yeah... I'm pretty proud of myself. 'Bout time I grew up in this area of my life, huh? ;o)

1 comment:

rebekah said...

: )Good job! : ) As one messy person to another I understand what a big accomplishment it is. : ) Miss you, give Logan a kiss for me.