Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yummm! Love That Shot Photo Challenge

So I'm doing another entry for Love That Shot's Photo Challenge. Hey, I'm trying to win a cute camera bag, and a wrapped canvas print! ;o)

Anyways, today's challenge is "Yummm" and the picture that instantly came to mind was this one:

I made these amazing cupcakes (*ahem* If I do say so myself!) for my nurses after I had Logan last year. The nurses who took care of me in the days after my emergency c-section were amazing. I somehow got all of the really nice, sweet and caring nurses on that ward. And there was also the nurse who was with me during labor, and more importantly during the prep for the c-section itself. I don't know how I would have gotten through it without her arms around me as the anesthesiologist attempted to put my spinal in, and with her talking softly in my ear, helping me breathe through the most horrific contractions of the whole labor. I was in transition, and hysterical. If she hadn't been there, I think I would have completely lost it. They probably would have had to just put me under, and I would have missed those first precious moments of my son's life. So much was stripped from me when I entered that operating room, I can't imagine having had to lose even more.

So, needless to say, the gratitude I felt toward my nurses (especially Gail) was very strong, and I realized what an important job nurses truly have. And I wanted them to know how much I appreciated how well they took care of me. So I made one giant cupcake for each of my individual nurses, and I also made two dozen regular sized cupcakes for all of the rest of the nurses in the Women's Center. I had a lot of fun with it, and the cupcakes were SO yummy! Hehe, I kept a few at home for us to eat too. They were chocolate cupcakes, (I can't remember if the cupcakes themselves were from scratch or not) with a vanilla bean paste filling, in two different layers (from scratch) and a chocolate sour cream frosting on top (from scratch as well). I colored the filling blue, since I had a boy. ;o)

Well, this is making me hungry so I think I'm going to wrap it up. ;o) Head on over to Love That Shot to see their other photo entries from today! Be careful though, they might just make you drool a little. ;o)


Light Trigger said...

it seems delicious!
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Celia said...

WOW! I wish I had been one of your nurses!! :-)